Privacy Policy 2022

Domino Private hire use information provided by drivers, customers and third-party in line with the Data Protection Act 2018.

What do Domino do to protect its stakeholders?

By following the Data Protection Act 2018, it is the role of each employee to comply with the data protection law and follow good practice. Each employee will remain committed to protecting the rights of each of our customers and third-party organisations. The company directors share responsibility with employees to protect themselves from a data breach. 

The UK Data Protection Act was originally designed to protect personal data stored on computers and paper filing systems. Since then, technology has evolved substantially and so have many of the permissions surrounding it, however, the core principles stay the same – 8 principles of the data protection act still apply today and ensure that personal information is processed and stored lawfully.

The 8 principles are:-

•  Fair and Lawful.
•  Purpose limitation.
•  Adequacy.
•  Accuracy.
•  Storage Limitation.
•  Rights. (Employee, Third-party, Customers).
•  Security.
•  International transfers.

Risks and Responsibilities

This policy applies to all Directors, staff and contractors. It applies to all the data which Domino Private Hire hold for individuals, and third-party contractors. This data may include details such as :-

-  Name
-  Postal addresses
-  Email addresses
-  Phone numbers
-  Any additional information.

Having a detailed Data Protection policy allows us to protect the company and all stakeholders from any risks such as :-

-  Breach in confidentiality. 
-  Damage due to hackers.
-  Failing to allow customers and employees how their data is stored. 

It is the responsibility of each company director’s- as well as everyone who works for or with Domino Private hire has responsibility for ensuring data is collected, stored and handled appropriately.

Whomever holds the company personal data must ensure that it is handled and processed in line with this policy. 
Each director is ultimately responsible for ensuring that Domino Private Hire meets the Legal obligations such as :-

-  Keeping up to date with data protection responsibilities, risks and issues in a timely manner. 
-  Reviewing the policy yearly or when and if required.
-  Handling any questions regarding Data Protection with all staff, customers and third-party.
-  Dealing with requests regarding the data to see what Domino holds about them.
-  Checking any agreements with third parties that may handle the company’s sensitive data.

The company directors are responsible for all IT used, Computers, mobile phones, and any other device that can hold personal information. Paul McDougall will ensure that :-

-  All systems and equipment used for storing data meet security standards.
-  Performing regular checks to ensure security meets company standards. 
-  Evaluating any third-party services are meeting Dominos company standards.

Data Storage

When data is stored on paper, it will be kept in a locked filing cabinet. The responsibility of this cabinet is those of the Directors. 

When data is stored via computer/Mobile, it must be protected from unauthorised access by using a secure password or pin. All data must be protected using a strong password, that is regularly changed and not shared with others. Any data used will remain within the company offices to reduce the risk of accidental exposure and a breach of confidentiality. Data will be backed up and tested regularly and all data is protected by an approved security software.